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  • Multiple Levels of Gameplay
  • Upgradeable Arsenal
  • 8-bit Graphics

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The Story

Episode V: The Flappy Birds Strike Back!

The Flappy Bird phenomenon had tragic consequences. As millions of birds met their fate head-first into green pipes (that “didn’t” imitate that famous blue and red plumber at all), discontent grew in the bird kingdom. By the time the game was pulled it was too little too late and now it is payback time. The birds want revenge for every one of their beloved flapped, flopped or even smooshed relatives.

In an attack of Hitchcockian proportions, countless waves of multi-colored birds seek revenge and threaten the very existence of humanity. Hope arises when an always-happy hillbilly named Stanley decides to take matters into his own hands and hunt down those stinkin’ birds.

Your goal in Flappy Attack is to help Stanley shoot as many birds as possible and take your time, there’s PLENTY of them coming. They all come in wave after wave from all directions and all formations thinkable. Each new wave is more difficult than the previous but no worries, Stanley’s weapons can be upgraded.  Just a tap on the back button brings out an upgrade section where you can increase your fire rate and number of concurrent bullets. Topping it all is a retro-style gameplay and Arcade graphics theme & sounds.


✔ Retro-Style Gameplay. With a hint of Space Invaders the gameplay is reminiscent of old school games. You move Stanley left and right to counter-attack the never ending waves of vicious enemies. The gun auto-shoots so your only task is to coordinate your eye-finger movement and avoid being touched.

✔ Upgrade your Arsenal. You start with a simple shotgun that fires one bullet at a time but that’s far from effective against faster and tougher birds. Luckily you can buy faster bullets, double or even quad shooting guns and ultimately laser guns for powerful obliteration!  You can even buy boomerangs to aid with close-by enemies.

✔ The Dreadful Waves. They say bad luck comes in threes and that’s only the start in Flappy Attack. Wave after wave of feathered enemies try to destroy your energy shield and send you flying with the angels. To advance from one wave to another you must destroy a certain number of birds but careful, the birds get tougher, faster and meaner.

✔ 8-bit Graphics. Flappy Attack has something else in common with old-school Arcade or Minecraft-ish games, the vintage design. From the carefully crafted birds to the pixel perfect hero, game background or even the fonts, Flappy Attack revives the retro nostalgia. The advantage of pixel graphics is the ability to focus on the gameplay rather than eye-candy distractions.

✔Achievements & Leaderboard. Aside from the in-game gold collected for every accurate shot, you will also get achievements based on how many darn birds you are able to shoot from the flood of winged little devils. Shoot enough of them and you’ll even get a gold cup, not to mention access to the hall of famous bird shooters that populate the leaderboard.

WARNING! Flappy Attack is NOT recommended to anyone with moderate (and above) Ornithophobia signs.

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For anyone else, the only question is, Are you already eager to blow some feathered creatures out of the sky? Enter your email address in the popup and be notified closer to the time the Flappy Attack adventure begins…


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